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Reactive power and frequency response services from the first second-life battery energy storage system on an industrial site in Belgium.


Energy intensive user Umicore wanted a system that would provide reactive power to help improve power quality on their site, whilst also delivering a new revenue stream for the business. The firm has an ambition to develop, produce and recycle materials in a way that fulfils its mission: materials for a better life. Playing a broader role in improving the penetration of renewable energy was also appealing to Umicore and participating in a grid balancing solution enabled them to do this.


The E-STOR energy storage system will provide reactive power to the site and frequency response services to the grid. The batteries in the system have a combined energy storage capacity of 720 kWh and can deliver 1.2 MW in power.

The E-STOR has been connected to a DERMS (Distributed Energy Resources Management System) platform, alongside a load bank and generator. The platform, operated by aggregator Kiwi Power, will optimise the three assets in unison to capitalise on their differing performance characteristics and maximise value.

Together the assets will provide a frequency response service to Elia, the Belgium system operator.

Second life batteries and the circular economy

The E-STOR system, installed at the Umicore industrial site in Belgium, reuses Renault batteries which previously powered Kangoo vehicles in France.

Their second life as part of a stationary energy storage system is expected to provide around seven more years of useful life when the value of the embedded resources can be utilised prior to disassembly and recycling. Re-use, re-power.

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group, whose activities include the recycling of EV batteries and the manufacture of battery components.

“Our new battery system helps to stabilize our grid and increase utilization of our sustainable energy solutions, including wind turbines and a combined heat power plant,” said Geert Defieuw, Site Manager Umicore Olen. “The system also allows us to further expand our knowledge and expertise in the field of rechargeable batteries in ‘second life’ applications.”

“Our customers are looking for flexibility to provide a range of benefits to their operations,” said Matthew Lumsden, Connected Energy CEO. “This hybrid solution demonstrates the versatility offered by the E-STOR system. It’s also great to work with a company like Umicore who help us complete the circular economy story for EV batteries.”

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1200 kW/720 kWh

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