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The Norfolk Microgrid


Energy system optimisation – PV, micro wind, EV charging, time of use, peak shaving.


The Connected Energy R&D facility is a micro-grid system including energy storage systems in development, a micro wind turbine, a PV canopy and several 22kW and 50kW EV chargers.

Alongside its function as an R&D facility the site also provides charging for staff, grid load management and energy cost optimisation.

The aim of the system is to reduce the cost of energy used as well as providing the functionality required.


The system is managed as an integrated set of assets and by a series of rules loaded into our site operating software:

  • If the overall load of the system approaches the network constraint the storage system discharges to alleviate the constraint,
  • If there are no other operational constraints the storage system charges from the PV and the micro-wind turbine.
  • If the EV chargers are used their load on the network is managed by the storage and they are charged by electricity generated from the PV and wind turbine whenever possible.
  • The system discharges during the peak DUoS periods and charges at night during the low DUoS period.

As well as operating in the above modes the system has also operated in frequency response mode to test and prove compliance with UK and European grid operators.

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The energy landscape has shifted. The debate isn't just about how much energy we use, it's also about when we use it

Matthew Lumsden

- CEO, Connected Energy