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Virtual power plant (VPP) integration.


Bryt Energy, a subsidiary of Statkraft offers an energy supply tariff that factors in the installation of an energy storage system on the customer’s site. This system is then operated by Statkraft’s virtual power plant.

By capitalising on the ability of the VPP to take advantage of changes in the wholesale price of electricity and charge or discharge the battery accordingly, Bryt offers a competitive 100% renewable energy tariff.


The first battery system to be connected to the Statkraft VPP was an E-STOR. Connected Energy adapted the interface so that Statkraft could take control and charge or discharge the system based on energy costs forecasts from their trading desk in Dusseldorf. This process involves the transfer of a schedule between Statkraft and the Connected Energy back office.

The system has affectively operated since May 2017.

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