07 September 2020

*Watch* How could organisations benefit who are thinking about adding EV chargers to their site?

We're including some EV charging hubs of various shapes and sizes within the SmartHubs project. These could be a flexible combination of EV chargers, PV canopies and energy storage. Funding is available for businesses in and around West Sussex so please get in touch for more information.

SmartHubs West Sussex

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Marine Source Heat Pumps
In-front-of-the-meter Battery Energy Storage System
Behind-the-meter Battery Energy Storage Systems
EV Solar Carport
Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps
Data Analysis
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Photovoltaics, Battery and Smart EV Charging Home and Light Commectial Network

The energy landscape has shifted. The debate isn't just about how much energy we use, it's also about when we use it.

Matthew Lumsden

- CEO, Connected Energy