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What is E-STOR?

E-STOR is no ordinary battery storage technology. British designed and developed, E-STOR uses second life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to deliver a smarter, affordable and more flexible approach to grid load management. We optimise E-STOR using our sophisticated operating software and load management services to maximise the potential for efficiencies and savings.

Why use second life EV batteries? What does that mean?

Connected Energy uses ‘second life’ electric vehicle (EV) batteries from a variety of manufacturers (OEMs) including: Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover and Renault. We double the lifespan of these EV batteries once they have finished their in-vehicle life and before they are recycled.

The concept of reusing electric vehicle batteries - giving them a second life, is highly compelling. Using second life batteries also reduces system costs - making our storage system financially viable for a wider range of end users. This new value chain adds to the sustainability credentials of the vehicles as well as the electricity system.

Who is Connected Energy?

Connected Energy was established to commercialise the research and development work undertaken by our awardwinning parent company Future Transport Systems (FTS). Our team is on a mission to create new approaches to grid decarbonisation, whether that be stationary or mobile (such as electrical vehicles).

What does the UK Government think about battery storage?

According to a House of Commons Briefing Paper entitled 'Energy Storage in the UK' (published July 2016), energy storage could result in savings of around £2.4 billion per year in 2030 for the UK electricity system.

What size are your systems?

E-STOR is a modular technology, which means we can design and build a system precisely to size for your needs.

Increasing the size of your energy storage system is also easily achieved as your modular system can be added to and scaled up.

If you request information on battery storage feasibility, we can tell you the optimal battery storage size system for your site, based on your data.

Having the right battery system means your product functions at its most effective - keeping costs in control and revenues at their highest.

What about physical size? Again, this varies based on the above information. You can see some pictures of our systems in the projects section and if you would like to know more about size requirements, send us an email. We would be glad to carry out a remote mapping or even a site visit to let you know if it would be the right fit.

We're catalysing smarter, sustainable approaches to energy use.

Ian McDonald

- Technical Director - Connected Energy