Energy intensive users: Transform your potential with our energy storage

Each system we build is tailored to your requirements.

Once installed, we constantly measure and monitor performance.

Integration Services

We provide technical services for a range of customers including managing grid constraints.

Our battery energy storage projects focus on electrical integration.

This flexible style of working adapts to your needs, now and in the future.


  • ONE End to end design
  • Two Plug & play simplicity
  • Three User-priority driven process
  • Four Long-term reporting and optimisation


Our service provides both strategic support and project support.

The financial longevity of an ESTOR system will change your outlook on energy and energy storage. Here is our approach:

1. Strategic Consultation

2. Financial Projections

3. Bespoke Design

4. Delivery + Installation

5. Software + Configuration

6. Continuous Support

Our team is ready to discuss your E-STOR requirements

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