E-STOR systems operate using our control software.

Instantly improve your energy efficiency with our complete software and accompanying service.

The Connected Energy Management Platform (CEMP)

A full suite of services to manage your E-STOR system

From the CEMP portal a customer can:

· Identify the health of a system

· Communicate directly with Connected Energy engineers

· Log and track system maintenance

· Generate system operation reports

· Visualise a systems operation and location

· Save important documents to the cloud

· Instruct output set points of operation for a system

Behind the scenes

Connected Energy uses the CEMP to provide a range of optimisation services. This will include:

· Forecasting of degradation in battery modules

· Optimisation of modules within an E-STOR for efficiency

· Corroborate revenue earnings from aggregated services

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E-STOR and it's software can be used for electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects.

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