The connection: Connected energy's Newsletter

Every 3 weeks we publish our Company newsletter highlighting the activities that we are working on within that period. We talk about our successes, our live projects and publications within the sector journals.


The Connection No. 01: https://mailchi.mp/193db078f3d9/the-connection-01

The Connection No. 02: https://mailchi.mp/18ebe205a641/the-connection-02

The Connection No. 03: https://mailchi.mp/2d141efb83c5/the-connection-03

The Connection No. 04: https://mailchi.mp/b47327f9f47f/the-connection-04

The Connection No. 05: https://mailchi.mp/79b21aed841f/the-connection-05

The Connection No. 06: https://mailchi.mp/4f59e77f3f4d/the-connection-06