Smart networking of Second Life Batteries

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"By giving a second life to used electric vehicle batteries we are making maximum use of their embedded value, rather than wasting it through scrappage. Connected Energy E-STOR systems are a high-tech example of the circular economy in motion." Jonny Cogman

The Challenge

Connected Energy builds and operates second life battery energy storage systems. These extend the life of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in industrial and commercial-scale, stationary energy storage systems. EV batteries provide around 10 years of use on board vehicles before their charge holding capacity (and therefore electric vehicle range) reduces. If the batteries are recycled at this point a percentage of their value is lost and the financial and environmental cost of their disposal is high. Giving batteries a second life realises more of their value and reduces disposal issues.

By 2030 a million tonnes of EV batteries will be available for reuse and by 2035, global requirements for stationary energy storage could be completely met by second life batteries. Connected Energy has developed the E-STOR battery energy storage system to enable thousands of these batteries to be aggregated, controlled, and reused. Its technology has been proven, commercialised, scaled-up, and installed in the UK, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. The biggest system currently in operation is 1.2 MW, but this will be surpassed in 2022 when several multi-megawatt schemes are expected to come on-line.

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