What Are Second Life Batteries?

Electric vehicle (EV) batteries are used to power the drivetrains of battery electric vehicles. After around 10 years of use, EV batteries have typically lost a material amount of capacity (kWh) and this impacts of vehicle range. At this point, batteries are often changed so that vehicle usage requirements can be maintained.

This presents a challenge for battery owners who have a disposal liability, but it also represents an opportunity to generate more value from the batteries by using their remaining capacity in stationary second life applications.

Second Life Energy Storage Systems

With around 75% of their original capacity remaining, these batteries are still a valuable resource and Connected Energy’s technology enables them to have a second life in commercial scale energy storage systems.

Giving EV batteries a second life displaces the environmental impact of new battery production and results in energy storage systems with lower capital, cycle and environmental costs.

Connected Energy’s E-STOR systems have been developed in collaboration with EV and battery manufacturers and are designed to capitalise on the investment they have already made in control and safety systems.