Generate Revenue

An E-STOR system can help you generate revenues by providing stability services to your grid operator.

Electricity grids must be kept at a constant frequency level, the standard frequency for Europe’s electricity grid is 50 Hz, whilst North America and parts of Japan use 60 Hz frequency.

With traditional carbon intensive energy production this stability was simple to manage: if more power was needed the Electricity System Operator (ESO) turned on a power station. If too much power was entering the grid a power station was turned off.

As energy generation moves to a greener, more decentralised, system this creates new challenges for grid operators. Renewable energy generation from weather is less predictable and can be challenging to manage. Ensuring the energy available from solar panels or wind turbines equals the national energy requirement is more difficult to achieve than turning on or off traditional power stations.

By following the ESO frequency deviations an E-STOR can respond by providing a proportionate and rapid response to help balance on the system. This is a valuable service that ESOs contract from energy storage operators.