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Battery Storage as a service: a full turnkey service model for battery storage

An opportunity to deploy battery energy storage with no upfront capital cost.

Connected Energy’s new Battery Storage as a Service (BSaaS) model offers businesses a way to introduce battery energy storage systems onto a site with complete peace of mind. It avoids the need for any upfront investment, allows you to spread the cost across a fixed term, and makes the whole process of design, install and ongoing maintenance and support stress-free.

We know that creating a business case to invest in new infrastructure can be challenging especially during this current time. Battery Storage as a Service allows businesses to trial this new technology where they can monitor the impact on a site’s electricity costs and generate revenue through working with National Grid to support demand balancing.


What does Battery Storage as a Service cover?

Battery Storage as a Service brings you a full turn-key solution. This means that we’re with you from the very beginning and we’ll be taking responsibility for every stage until the end of your contract term. All the essential element of a battery energy service model are covered. Often arranged with no upfront payment.

Included in the Battery Storage as a Service model is:

  • Site design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Equipment supply: our E-STOR unit
  • Project management
  • Installation and set-up
  • Grid control software: to set charging and discharging times
  • Back-office software: for performance management
  • Maintenance and warranty
  • Uptime guarantees
  • Replacement parts and callout charges.


Applicable for: 
The Battery Storage as a Service model is ideal for projects that include two or more of Connected Energy’s E-STOR units providing a collective power of 600kW upwards.

Benefits of Battery Storage as a Service

  • No upfront costs – charges can be deferred until installation is complete
  • Monthly service charges which can be spread over anything from seven to ten years
  • Service charges covering the full service – from design and build, monitoring and maintenance, warranty and spare parts
  • Flexibility to make revenue from your battery energy storage unit by feeding excess energy back into the grid – any revenue is not linked to your monthly service charges so whatever you make goes back into your business
  • Flexible monthly service charges – you could choose to pay more in the early years – especially when energy pay-back is so high
  • Maintenance and ongoing costs including reporting and spare part costs are all included – so there’s no nasty surprises
  • Agreed battery availability, with compensation if this guarantee is not met – delivering peace of mind
  • Our BSaaS model can be deemed as ‘off-balance sheet’, subject to your auditors’ discretion.

Revenue generation or reducing energy costs through battery energy storage

Connected Energy works with all our customers to offer a detailed feasibility study at the start of each project. This can help businesses to model the feasibility of both revenue generation or reduction in energy costs by installing the equipment. It is during the feasibility stage that we can also analyse carbon savings if part of a net zero or decarbonisation drive.

The feasibility will show the monthly BSaaS costs versus the revenue generated from National grid and the overall return of the project.



Who provides the BSaaS model?

Connected Energy works with energy sector partner, Capitas Finance to deliver this new model for battery storage. The solutions provided are suitable for both public and private sectors allowing them to move ahead with money-saving projects immediately when capital budgets are not always available.

Capitas specialises in providing products and services designed to help organisations implement sustainable, low carbon technologies and strategies that save energy and reduce their carbon emissions, helping them align with the Government’s commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050.

All solutions are subject to due diligence, credit checks and documentation.

How does it work?

Stage one: Initial contact

If you think Battery Storage as a Service could work for you, get in touch with the team and we can have an informal chat about the opportunities.

Step one: scoping

We’ll start with a feasibility study to model the system size that will work best for your location. This stage will also analyse your energy use and the overall suitability of battery energy storage for your site. We then engage with Capitas who will provide a Battery Storage as a Service model for you to review.

Step two: development

If you are happy with both the feasibility study results and the proposed terms, we’ll ensure the relevant approvals are in place and will visit the site to provide a detailed survey and site design. We will then provide the BSaaS contract for signature.

If you decide that you would like to generate revenue from your battery energy storage system by working with National Grid to balance demand, we will engage with the Aggregator on your behalf. They will create a separate contract for you to review which will show anticipated revenue and your service level agreement.

Step three: deployment

 Once everything is signed, Connected Energy will project manage the installation, commission the equipment and ensure a full hand-over with you.

Step four: operation

Once your battery energy storage is installed, your system can be monitored by Connected Energy. You’re guaranteed 96% uptime and this will be reviewed by Capitas to make sure we meet this target, with compensation being paid to you if this is not achieved

Step five: maintenance

We make sure your equipment is always running and will maintain the equipment for as long as the contract is in place – up to ten years.


Connected Energy and Capitas: working together to create a new model for battery energy storage solutions.


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We know that you’ll have questions but that’s what we’re here for. If you think Battery Storage as a Service could work for you, then get in touch.