E-STOR Cluster

The E-STOR Cluster is designed for larger industrial and commercial customers and utility scale applications.

Our engineers work with customers to identify site-specific needs, and design a system configuration that meets with site constraints as well as current and future operational requirements.

E-STOR Cluster technology is battery agnostic and designed to accommodate a range of battery types meaning that the best technical and commercial solution can be implemented.

The system configuration includes separate power and energy modules provided in 20 foot containers, this means containers can be easily added or removed to adjust the overall configuration of the system. A master controller enables all modules to be operated as one system.

Power modules contain multiple inverters that are brought into use as required to maximise efficiency.

Energy modules can be easily exchanged or upgraded. Each module contains a single battery type, but several modules can be combined, each potentially containing a different type of battery. The flexible modular configuration allows for future expansion and the benefit of higher capacity batteries as they become available.

E-STOR systems are supplied in 20ft containerized modules complete with all accessories, ancillaries, batteries and associated systems to allow for rapid installation and commissioning.