E-STOR systems have been designed to meet all the functional requirements of energy storage customers wishing to install systems behind or in front of the meter.

Systems are modular and scalable in design, offering a range of configurations suitable for the varied requirements of industrial and commercial customers. The base module provides 300kW and 360kWh and this configuration can be extended to provide increased power or energy with the potential to vary the power:energy ratio.


Systems benefit from a sophisticated control architecture that enables operation to be optimised to meet duty cycle specific objectives such as degradation and efficiency targets.

Systems can also be configured to respond to external parameters such as metered points on site, energy tariff structures and third-party APIs. As a consequence, systems can offer a range of duty cycles controlled by a hierarchy of business rules.

The control architecture has been designed to work seamlessly with third-party aggregators to provide the rapid response times required by Transmission System Operators (TSOs) procuring grid balancing services.

The control system ‘sits’ within the E-STOR and an HMI enables control parameters to be adjusted on site. However, the controls are also accessible through the cloud so that customers and service engineers can monitoring and change operating parameters remotely.