The accelerating transition towards a zero-carbon world is creating a dynamic and complex business environment in which a status quo is not an option. In fact, ongoing flux provides an exciting catalyst for innovation.

Connected Energy is a pioneering business spanning low carbon mobility, the energy transition and the circular economy. We pride ourselves in fostering teamwork and open innovation spanning technology, supply chain relationships, business models, team development and business growth.

We actively seek opportunities to work with universities and have strong relationships with the universities of Warwick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Lancaster and East Anglia.

Enabling facilities

At our Technical Centre in Hethel, Norfolk we have comprehensive in-house design, development, prototyping, integration and test facilities that enable us to fully optimise design-work before progressing to manufacture.

Purpose-built bays enable us to undertake multiple projects in parallel, as well as providing a demonstration and training facility for customers, suppliers and teams of service and maintenance engineers.

Our continuous improvement cycle benefits from rich data sets continually pulled from our fleet of operational systems.