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About Us

Connected Energy is a world leader in battery energy storage

Our business was founded to approach an energy, transport and environmental problem creatively driven by supporting the circular economy. As the world strives towards net zero, our battery energy storage systems solve two major energy challenges: reliable storage for renewable energy and reuse of electric vehicle batteries.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help the world embrace sustainable energy solutions that harnesses the value embedded in second life electric vehicle batteries. Based in the UK, but operating internationally, to provide second life BESS battery energy storage systems.

Pioneering the circular economy

What makes us different from other battery storage providers?

Connected Energy use second life electric vehicle batteries. By extracting the value from the finite resources already embedded in them, we double their working lives. We are driven by helping to solve the challenges of the energy trilemma by disrupting the throwaway economy. Bringing huge environmental benefits to our partners and our customers.


While working on several electric vehicle and charging infrastructure trials, our awareness of grid connection costs and concern about the disposal of end-of-life batteries sparked the pioneering idea. Could an electric vehicle battery be repurposed as a stationary energy store?

Since 2013 our team has been driven to prove the concept of repurposing EV batteries as a commercially sustainable energy store. Strong partnerships and investments from across the globe have enabled us to develop our E-STOR products, which are now powering businesses across the UK and Europe. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Investors

Backed by automotive giants

As the number of electric vehicles on the roads increases, the more second life batteries there will be. That’s why we’re scaling up ready for the future and some major OEMs have chosen us to work with them as we develop our new products.

The company works closely with OEMs including the Renault Group, Caterpillar, and Jaguar Land Rover. In September 2023, we announced our ambition to jointly develop second-life battery energy storage systems with Volvo Energy.

Do you have the energy we’re looking for?

Based across our commercial HQ in the heart of Newcastle’s science district, and our technical HQ in Hethel, Norfolk, our team is driven by making a positive impact on the planet.

We’re in a continuous period of significant growth and are expanding fast. If you like our story, why not view our vacancies?

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