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The second-life battery specialists - pioneering the Circular Economy 

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Award-winning battery energy storage using second life electric vehicle batteries. 

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Our battery supply partners are diverse and have varying positions in the value chain.

Following the principles of the circular economy, we aim to maximise the working life of EV batteries and the value extracted from the resources already embedded within them. In doing this we create value for the whole supply chain.

We have a growing list of long term international battery partnerships to underpin our project pipeline.

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News & Reports

Two lives are better than one

Second life EV batteries for energy storage systems, read about Connected Energy in the latest edition of Recycling Today

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ENGIE New Ventures increases its strategic investment in Connected Energy

ENGIE New Ventures increases its strategic investment in Connected Energy, a market leader for innovative solutions using second-life batteries

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RECOVAS partnership to create first end-of-life supply chain for electric car batteries

A ground-breaking project to create a new circular end-of-life supply chain for the electric vehicle industry .

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Connected Energy highlighted in UK Investor Magazine

Connected Energy is honoured to feature in UK Investor Magazine's recent article on four ways to invest in the build back better initiative.

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E-STOR energy storage to optimise value of multiple low carbon energy sources

Second life battery pioneer, Connected Energy, will install one of its next generation energy storage as part of trailblazing project, the Mildenhall Hub.

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Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 invests in Connected Energy

Turquoise has announced a

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Energy storage and an energy intensive industry feature in Aluminium International Today

Energy will continue to become an increasingly important cost component in the manufacturing industry but

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Connected Energy's Matthew Lumsden featured in the Autumn edition of the Energy Storage Journal

"The biggest surprise so far has been the interest and enthusiasm for systems based on second-life batteries. There is a real fan club out there for them

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What to do when you

And the figures are only going to go up!

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