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Award-winning battery energy storage using second life electric vehicle batteries. 

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Our battery supply partners are diverse and have varying positions in the value chain.

Following the principles of the circular economy, we aim to maximise the working life of EV batteries and the value extracted from the resources already embedded within them. In doing this we create value for the whole supply chain.

We have a growing list of long term international battery partnerships to underpin our project pipeline.

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News & Reports

Energy Transition Update - BESS

EV charging  for facilities managers  – how to avoid shocking problems

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EV charging infrastructure – how to avoid shocking problems

Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, on how battery energy storage systems (BESS) can solve potential EV charger problems.

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Decommissioned Audi EV batteries used in 4.5MWh stationary energy storage system in Germany

Used lithium-ion batteries taken from carmaker Audi’s electric vehicles (EVs) have been repurposed into a ‘second-life’ stationary energy storage system by energy company RWE at a project in Herdecke, Germany. 

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Be super-green and use second-life batteries

A battery energy storage system (BESS) made from second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries is especially suitable for the waste management sector, yet few busi­nesses are aware of how one could help them.

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Suffolk County Council launches electric battery energy storage system

A battery energy storage system (BESS) supplied by Connected Energy and installed for Suffolk County Council at the new archive and heritage centre, The Hold in Ipswich became operational last month.

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GridBeyond: Leading the charge Future proofing your fleet

In this paper, written in collaboration with GridBeyond and Lancaster University, we examine the landscape for EV fleets and the opportunities for businesses to not only secure additional revenues but to further boost their green credentials by helping the grid to increase levels of renewables generation in the energy mix.

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Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles

EVs are seen as key in transition to low-carbon economy, but as their human and environmental costs become clearer, can new tech help?

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Cranfield University to install energy storage units using second-life EV batteries

Cranfield University will introduce three battery storage units at its Bedfordshire campus early next year, in a move that will enable the university to store and use renewable energy from a co-located solar farm.

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Connected Energy to give old Forsee batteries a 2nd Life

The French battery manufacturer Forsee Power is cooperating with Connected Energy, a company that builds stationary energy storage systems based on spent electric vehicle batteries. The aim is to recycle Forsee batteries after they have been used in electric buses.

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